Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register online?
No, you can mail in, walk in or 24/7 drop off your registration form & payment. Drop off locations are: the green mailbox outside the Town Hall (17 Common St.) or the small black mail box located at the Recreation Office (21 Highland St.).

Are there several different registration forms and how do I know which to use?
Yes, there are two standard registration forms.

  1. For Recreation After-School Programs (RAP) use the RAP Registration Form
  2. For Town-wide Activity Programs (TAP) use the Program Registration Form

However, infrequently there are special programs we offer that require an even different form from those above. It will be noted on the website when this occurs.

Do you pro-rate if I sign up late or am not able to attend every class?
Do you charge a late fee? 
Can I register over the phone? 
No, we need a signed registration form and payment.
Are non-residents allowed to sign up for your programs? 
Yes, at no additional cost

What is your refund policy? 
Given only upon notification that

  1. the class is cancelled due to low enrollment
  2. the course requested is already filled
  3. a full/partial refund for a medical reason (doctor's note required), on a case by case basis only.

Programs will not be prorated/refunded if the participant misses any portion, unless you have a doctor's note.

Can I pay with a credit card? 
Only for online registrations. Otherwise we accept checks made out to Southborough Recreation.
Can I change what I registered for? 
In some cases we try to accommodate changes in registration. However, there are times that this is not possible due to the fact the funds have already been allocated to staffing and supplies.
Can I apply for a scholarship? 
Scholarships and financial assistance are available on a limited basis upon request for town residents only. Scholarships are only available for programs that have met sufficient enrollment and run by recreation staff only. Requests must be submitted in writing on forms provided by this office.
Will I receive confirmation of enrollment? 
Yes, if you have an email on file a receipt will be sent to that email address.
How will I know if an event/class is cancelled? 
If schools are closed, scheduled recreation programs held in schools are also cancelled. Cancellations due to inclement weather will be updated by calling the Town House (508-485-0710) and pressing "8" for "Special Announcements" and posted on our website.
Do you make up events/classes that are cancelled? 
All attempts will be made to reschedule any class/event that has been cancelled due to inclement weather or instructor absence where possible. The Recreation Office reserves the right to provide a qualified substitute teacher in the event the teacher listed in the brochure is unable to fulfill his/her assignment. (no refunds if a substitute teachers needs to fill in for the class) 
How do I request time for fields/gyms?
Organizations must submit a request form (found under forms & documents-Grass Fields/Gyms Reservation Form).  Please read through the policy carefully.
You can view facility schedules online to see if your dates are available.  If you are a coach for Southborough Youth Sports you must go through your organization to request time.  
User groups not affiliated with Southborough Recreation will be required to produce a Certificate of Liability for $1,000,000.00 with the Town of Southborough added as the additionally insured. The certificate must be submitted to the Recreation Department with the permit holder's name and permit date(s) referenced.         
Do you send out Constant Contact emails for outside organizations?
This is on a case by case basis and is determined by the Recreation Director.  If a program/camp/clinic can not conflict with something Recreation offers.